We understand your respect for the products you have ordered. After-sales service in Wasada.vn is built on the passion of the product that Wasada.vn is selling, with the commitment to protect the interests of consumers so that you can rest assured shopping and experience translation. of Wasada.vn.

Redemption - Pay for wrong or missing product

When receiving products other than the description on the website or missing from the order, please return to Wasada.vn within 48 hours from the time of delivery.

In case, after 48h or the goods have been written jointly between the carrier and you, Wasada.vn will not agree to compensate products under all conditions.

Wasada will receive information and feedback on the handling of returned products within 72 hours of receiving the request.

You can send a request to Wasada Support at: Send request

Pay - Refund as per customer's request

Conditions for change and payment

You may return the product purchased at Wasada.vn within 30 days of receiving the product with the majority of products (except for other specified products) when satisfying the following conditions:

  • The product is stamped, labeled or sealed by the manufacturer
  • Products are full accessories, promotional gifts
  • If the electronic products are not activated, there is no record data into the device
  • Products are not subject to change restriction - pay

Refund method

  1. Wasada.vn will assist you to return the product and not incur any additional costs
  2. Please send goods to Wasada according to instructions to be free shipping.
  3. Refund method:Wasada.vn reimbursement by the transfer method after receiving the product you returned

* Wasada.vn will be notified by email when received products from you sent.

Refunded product due to shipping process

Condition of payment:

When receiving the damaged product due to shipping process, you will need to return to Wasada.vn within 48 hours from the time of delivery. In case, there is a written agreement between the carrier and the customer, Wasada.vn will not agree to change - pay the product under all conditions.

  • If you still have demand for products, Wasada.vn will support the case handling: change products.
  • If customers no longer need the product, Wasada.vn support refund 100% of the product value.

Refund & Handling Fee:

  1. You will not be charged any fees when making this transaction, including shipping charges to Wasada.vn.
  2. Refund method: Wasada.vn reimbursement by the transfer method after receiving the returned product of the Customer.

Refund of product defects

In the event of a defective product, Wasada will assist you based on the time you returned the product message to Wasada specifically as follows:

1. Within 7 days of Wasada delivery successful: Wasada support product innovation or pay - refund 100%.

2. Within 7 - 30 days from Wasada delivery time:

  • New products for electronic products, electrical appliances, electronic accessories.
  • Or if you no longer have the desire to pay for the product, Wasada will support you to pay - 100% refund. You can view detailed information at: Pay - Rebate at Customer's wish

* Brief policy information is posted on https://wasada.vn/content/chinh-sach-doi-tra-hang-hoa-7. Wasada.vn will also be notified by email when received from the customer sent.

Restricted product category does not apply to the payment due to customer demand

Wasada.vn unfortunately will not apply the change - pay according to customer demand when the product is not fault with the products listed in the following and when the product does not meet the conditions under the policy Pay - Money Back Customer's Wish:

Category Products
Phone - Tablet PC - Laptop All products
Digital devices - Digital accessories - IT equipment Product has been activated warranty, sealed, over use, data backup, ....
Camera, Camcorder All products
Appliances Refrigerated products, TVs, bulky ...

Underwear, swimwear, pajamas, jewelry, jewelry

Footwear brand: Converse, Vans

Beauty - Health Cosmetics, perfumes
Products for mother & baby

Milk, meal powder, foods, drinks for mother and baby.

Underwear, baby swimwear


Newspapers, magazines, periodicals

CD / DVD discs

Electronic Book (ebook)

Other products

Promotional products, attached

Buy at Offline events

Liquidation Products

Products purchased with installment payment

Product added to wishlist
Product added to compare.

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