Currently, the church is located right next to Nga Sau in the center of Thu Dau Mot, on an area about 4 m higher than the road.

Historically, no one knows the origin of the Phu Cuong family, which was previously known as Thu Dau Mot. Luckily, we have retained the letter of Fr. Peter Nguyen Duc Nhi, the first Vietnamese vicar of Vietnam, who wrote to Fr. Poinat in late 1910. He wrote:

"Previously, Great France through Cochinchina has no family, or have two orphaned pagan followers in the middle of the foreigners or have escaped the persecution, then hide it. By the time Dafa took Bien Hoa city in 1861, through the occupation of Thu Dau Mot, then the Tan Trieu, Ben Co, Bai, Lai Thieu and Ben San basin diverted to the captain or refugee from Langsa south. or to trade with foreigners. That's why there are a lot of religious people there. I think that is the original Thu. At that time, Mgr. Puginier, with his father, Langsa, and many of his teachers fled to Saigon, so his father, Mgr Lefebre asked them to take care of them. in this very little then. Recruit teachers follow the bishop as an interpreter, as Thi district, Thay Tao, Master Vien, Master Six Dien, these "potentes", especially Thi ... ". The things that Peter the Children wrote are also consistent with some of the historical documents of society.