Our Lady of Fatima Bình Triệu. According to legend, in February 1962, the Fatima International Movement celebrated the presence of Our Lady of Fatima in every part of the world, including our beloved Vietnam. In the statue of Mother, to the wilderness near Binh Trieu bridge now, the car carrying the statue of Mary suddenly died. Good workers are mobilized to repair; After two hours, the repair crews were out of hand, and said: The car does not spoil anything, but why not run, we do not know. Father Paul Vo Van Bo, who organized the procession, asked everyone to pray for her. After a series of 50 business, the car burst. He prayed: If you wish, we will build a dedicated Fatima Pilgrimage Center here. Help us to do our will.

After that, the ministry investigated who owned the land, a land suitable for a pilgrimage center: twelve acres of land, one side of national highway 13 and the station of Binh Trieu railway station, one river side surrounded, on the wharf, under the boat. The owner wanted to sell the land at a price of 25 million, a very large amount of time then. But with full trust in Mary, I bought a piece of land with the help of so many people.

Fatima Pilgrimage Center Binh Trieu, located in the parish of Binh Trieu Thu Duc district, located at 58, 5 Street, Quarter 2, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City.

1. Statue of Our Lady of Fatima

Initially, he built a station to place the statue of Our Lady of Fatima 3m high. On August 15, 1966, Archbishop Paul Nguyen Van Binh came to the monastery and celebrated the first Mass there.

Since then, especially on the 13th of October every year, every class of people come here to visit her mother, confide in her, implore her, and when leaving, they joyfully delighted, as if she was Mother cherished, loved, supported. The Cathedral of Christ and the Retreat

On December 8, 1966, Archbishop Paul Nguyen Van Binh came to the Center and celebrated the first stone laying ceremony of the church dedicated to Christ and the retreat, along with plans to build a 30m high bell tower.

After Father Paul's overseas study and return, he continued his work on the construction of the retreat house at the water tower, including three storeys, a ground floor, chapel, lecture hall, dining room, kitchen. .3. 14 The Way of the Cross

At the beginning of June, 1969, the Archbishop came to Our Lady of Fatima Center and commissioned 14 of the difficult Way of Christ, built on either side of the path leading to the center.

Thánh Đường Fatima Cũ

Our Lady of Fatima

At the beginning, the statue of Our Lady stood in the sunshine, only the roof was set up for the people to pray pilgrimage. Every day pilgrims come to the east, the roof is not enough, so many people must stand crammed in the hot sun, or under the cold rain ...

Thus the work of the Temple of Mary was started, and built in favorable conditions: laity everywhere to pay respects, people help money, people the means ...

On the day of 13.10.1970, the Archbishop of Germany made the inauguration of the Temple of the Blessed Virgin Mary and celebrated the Thanksgiving Mass for the benefactors who helped to complete the great work.

Retirement house

Recalling the words of the former Pope Joseph Caprio, Father Paul urged his brothers on the executive committee to contribute their work and money to build six main homes and a secondary school and kitchen for those who helped. To care for old priests who are retired.6. Khánh thành Thánh đường Chúa

Christ and the second retreat house

Every month the number of people asking for retreats is too great, so the first retreat house does not have sufficient reception space, especially Catholic associations to meet, learn continuously. Paul decided to build a second, larger retreat house, and continued the work of building a synagogue dedicated to Christ.

January 6, 1973: Inaugurated the Cathedral of Christ and the Second Home. The Congregation of Charity of Fatima has been present here for the first time to collaborate in building and serving the retreat.

Nhà Thờ Fatima Mới

Thánh Đường Fatima Bình Triệu Mới