Măng Lăng Church holds the first Vietnam national language book

Mang Lang Church (An Thach commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province) is located in a 5,000 sq.m. The church was built in 1892, but it was only 15 years after its inauguration.

Over 100 years, An Thach area grows a lot of trees. There is no trace of the forest, but the church at that time was named after this precious tree.

The church is built in Gothic style with many decorative patterns. The two sides of the church have two bell towers, the middle of the cross is still intact.

The whole church is painted in green and gray in color over a hundred years. On the premises, from 2008, there is a cave built as a place to store, display images, traces ... on the development of church.

In particular, the cave also stores the book "Catechismus" (Latin title: "Catechismus") by Father Alexandre de Rhodes printed in Rome in 1651. This is the first book of Vietnamese scripture.

Father Alexandre de Rhodes was a French missionary and linguist. For a long time living in Vietnam, he contributed important to the formation of the script.

This text is printed in bilingual in Latin (left) and the original script (right). This is a prose work, reflecting the language and recording the pronunciation of Vietnamese in the 17th century.

Cover and a page of the "Eight-Day Catechism". So far, the book has been carefully preserved at the church's cave entrance.

Wrapped around the church are dome-shaped entrances, which look like bamboo shoots.

Inside the large synagogue, the change over the centuries is that the wood ceilings are no longer the dome-style of Gothic architecture. The cause was the storm in 1924, causing the ceiling to collapse, when the roof has to be lowered and flat as today.

The chapel is painted in white color with elaborate carvings on the doors, the dome, the ceiling ... of the church.

Compared to the famous churches in Vietnam such as Notre Dame (Ho Chi Minh City), Phu Nhai (Nam Dinh), Tra Co (Quang Ninh), Con Ga (Da Lat) Smaller hammocks and simpler interior. However, this centenary church is really an unforgettable address to travelers when stop in Phu Yen province.