The rosary is no stranger to Vietnamese Catholics. From the very beginning, every member of the faithful has heard the prayers from the mother, grandmother and grandmother. Even today, many young mothers are more or less distracted from the series, but the prayers: the Our Father, the Blessed One, the glorious Mother of no mother who does not care to give children to God, vice Embracing his Son for the Blessed Virgin Mary after he received the Blessed Sacrament, he took her to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the cathedral.

- Our Lady took the roses on the lips of a moank who was praying the Blessed Sacrament to marry the coronation or crowning the crown.

- The word "Rosary" means "Rosary of the Rosary", that is, each time we read the Rosary in earnest that we crown Jesus and Mary, 150 crowns, of which 3 red roses and 16 white roses, are heavenly flowers, they will never fade their great flavor.

- Our Lady is completely satisfied with the name "Rosary". He told some people that each time they read a Hail Mary they give him a beautiful rose, and when they finish reading the rosary, they make him a crown of roses.

Thus, a rosary is a large crown and a Rosary is a bunch of flowers or a crown of roses that we wear on the heads of Jesus and Mary. Rose is the queen of flowers, Rosary is the rosary of all devotees. Therefore, worship is the most important.